Monday, 9 July 2012

Chelsea ISD graduate show, 2012

This is images from Chelsea College of Art & Design, BA(Hons) Interior & Spatial Design graduate show, 2012.
My final project is "Spectral Cartographies".
I have become fascinated by the geological layers of architectural history and their ongoing impact on the forms of the present. I started to explore the history around Millbank and in particular the way the Penitentiary clearly impacts on the present day cartography of the area. I imagine the building trapped in-between the past and present, its impact on the present still very tangible, as if a spirit with something urgent to tell, refusing to go quietly into the past. I have explored how to capture and visualise this powerful ghostly presence in the present day, to render forms that are simultaneously tangible and intangible, real and imaginary, gone and yet still powerfully resonant in an attempt to create a timeless shared imaginary architectural presence.

Model plane size: 1m x 1m
Structure diameter: ~70cm 

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