Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Next on my list- Cabinet Exhibition

The next thing to come for me at the moment- Cabinet Exhibition at Islington Arts Factory. I have been selected along the other 39 artists to showcase our works for a week. I couldn't be happier to get another way of telling and droping my name and showcasing my work at the same time, especially when I am desperate to get into creative working.
So, Cabinet Exhibition is a group show that presents the work of several international emergent artists. Based on the concept of the early modern ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’, this exhibition draws together painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and other more contemporary practices, all arranged in a unconventional display. The result is a sort of arrhythmic mosaic intended to present a panoramic view of art production nowadays.
This exhibition aims to be an immersive experience for the curious visitor who will face an unorthodox eclectic selection of artworks, from street art brought into the gallery to paintings on ham and visual soundscapes, amongst others. The dialogue between the artworks displayed will favour new analogies and comparisons, leading the visitors to make fresh associations and come out with new ideas.

 The exhibition will be held at the Islington Arts Factory from the 14th-21st September 2012.
 2 Parkhurst Road
N7 0SF

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